Technology & Equipment

In any security plan the technological component is imperative in order to complete the optimal solution provided. C.P.I’s has gained a vast experience with equipment and technology from its personal’s background in the Special Forces and in the field of executive protection. Most of the equipment we supply, C.P.I has verified its contribution to the security layout in the field before and took part in some of the equipment’s developing process. We are in constant excellent connections with suppliers and manufacturers all around the globe and by that could supply any equipment or technology that is requested for the civilian, governmental and military field.

Here are examples for kinds of equipment which could be supplied, in accordance to clients needs:

  • VIP’s armored vehicles
  • Rescue & Medical Equipment
  • Tracking & Transmitters devices
  • Optical finder & Observation system
  • Accesses control
  • Advanced Technology of “Sniffers” – Explosive Detector
  • Mail Packages Scanner
  • Personal protection gear
  • Perimeter security equipment

From facility’s preventive technology up to personal gear for the EP agent, all at the highest quality. The items are chosen after analyzing client’s needs and with special attention to the clients’ demands. Like all C.P.I’s activities, C.P.I always operates in full discretion out of the awareness to the client’s needs.

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