Security Technology

In any security plan the technological component is imperative in order to complete the optimal solution provided. C.P.I has gained a vast experience with technology equipment from its personal’s background in the Special Forces

and from her business partners Most of the equipment we supply, C.P.I has verified its contribution to the security layout in the field before and took part in some of the equipment’s developing process.

We are in constant excellent connections with suppliers and manufacturers all around the globe and by that could supply any equipment or technology that is requested for the civilian, governmental and military field.

How we do it?

C.P.I is a specialist Security Solutions Provider. Safe City Solutions Limited as an International specialist, Security Solutions Provider offers innovative solutions in servicing Law enforcement, personal and public security, as well as environmental and infrastructure security requirements that increase the public’s sense of safety and security with minimal intrusion. With everyday threats to our way of life, C.P.I is dedicated to providing personal and public security in order to maintain a safe environment throughout city centers, public buildings, critical facilities, housing estates and municipal transport environments.

concept advantages

  • Optimal integration of technologies and operational force
  • Relatively low costs
  • Financing sources combined with centerlocal government
  • High quality of security personal
  • Fast implementation capability
  •  Validity and responsibility awarded to elected authorization chief
  • Participation of the residentcitizen un his own security

C.P.I company is leading worldwide the project “safe city”

that’s based on an all-encompassing concept that include:

  • An observation center (an advanced technological center) cameras and appropriate technology spread throughout the city use of security vehicles all around the city.
  • c.p.i company has the capability to provide this concept as well as: surveying the threats and establishing targets the clients
  • Establishing an overall program based on the threats survey
  • Placing cameras and appropriate technologies
  • Building a complete observation center
  • Providing high quality training for security officers
  • Allocating vehicles appropriate to a particular task
  • Great operational experience in operating this model
Here are examples for kinds of technology equipment which could be supplied, in accordance to clients needs:
X-ray and ultrasonic solutions for security, medical diagnostics, non-destructive testing (NDT) and OEM components.
Uniting businesses, city officials, and law enforcement

Safe City is an initiative that unites businesses, city officials, and law enforcement through a project intended to maximize safety and minimize theft and other crimes in the business community.

  • By working together to address these issues, the city of Federal Way will become a safer place to live, work, and shop.
  • Corporate partnerships are more important than ever and far greater resources are needed to address the magnitude of the threats we now face.
  • Safe City leverages partnerships and technical solutions to help reduce crime and create an environment where people feel safe and secure to shop.
  • Through your commitment and effort, your business can implement a Safe City project.
Crime watch

C.P.I operates like a business “crime watch” that allows stakeholders to communicate about criminal activity impacting their businesses on a real time basis. C.P.I use the system to alert each other about criminal incidents impacting their business or geographic area, in an effort to prevent other partners from being victimized.

Business partnerships help police prevent crime
C.P.I provides a means for law enforcement agencies to engage the business community in a public safety partnership. Every jurisdiction has business partners who want to help address crime in their community, but do not have a venue for proactive engagement.  Business community partnerships help police expand their ability to fight crime proactively.

CPI‘s flagship project is the safest city project in West Africa.

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