Executive Protection & Travel Management In Africa

This service is intended for International Corporations, executives and private individuals working or traveling in Africa. We at C.P.I-Africa understand that employees are a corporation’s greatest asset. C.P.I-Africa provides an all around service for travelling executives tailored for each client in full cooperation with the corporation’s security manager.

The service includes:


C.P.I-Africa works closely with the corporate security manager in pre-visit preparations. Our personnel will review the planned schedule; patrol the sites on the itinerary and asses the risks at each site. We will ensure a flowing, time saving visit providing safety and peace of mind day and night.

Travel Management

Our TM department will coordinate and supervise transportation and logistics services. We will provide solutions to any nexpected logistic problem, 24/7.

Close Protection

Our personal security teams are led by Israeli Risk Mangers (IRM). Our IRM’s have vast experience and knowledge due to their military and governmental backgrounds. Combined with a business orientated approach the executives and VVIPs can travel freely and safely.

Close protection for permanent resident Executives

For local Executives and VVIP whom their permanent residence is in Africa, there are certain situations which demand a more permanent & total security plan, duo to their long/permanent presence in Africa. For these situations we supply with our “Total Security Ring” teams. Teams which are led by Israeli Risk Mangers (IRM), cooperating with highly skilled, local security officers, trained by the C.P.I-Academy. Our local officers are trained by the best experts in the field providing security of the highest level. Together our personnel provide a “Total Security” ring.

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