Working Advantages

C.P.I-Academy most valuable resource has always been its employees. We know that the most important ingredient for success is attracting qualified candidates and creating an environment that fosters motivation and creativity. C.P.I-Academy makes every effort to nurture the career development, personal advancement, and long-term goals of each employee.
Advancement according to Achievement
C.P.I-Academy strongly believes in rewarding accomplishments. There are several ways, in addition to salary, that C.P.I-Academy rewards creativity and innovation. We believe in bi-directional advancement, allowing you to reach maximum potential both professionally and managerially.
Personal Contracts
C.P.I-Acaedmy strives to hire the best people and give them the ideal position, tools and resources necessary for career growth. Every C.P.I-Academy employee has a personal contract to suit his/her professional skills and goals.
We set challenging goals for ourselves, and when they’re reached, whether in sales, new business, or profits, our employees share in our success through periodic bonuses.
Advanced Management Techniques
Through periodic employee evaluations, employee and internal customer surveys, and open lines of communication at all organizational levels, C.P.I-Academy measures employee performance and satisfaction. Our Human Resources department initiates frequent meetings where employees and supervisors air their views. We pride ourselves in being an open and teamwork-oriented workplace.
Enhancing Professional and Managerial Skills
C.P.I-Academy invests in courses, both in-house and at leading educational institutions, to enhance individual skills. Each C.P.I-Academy employee has a customized yearly program for professional and managerial advancement. Those with outstanding potential participate in special, long-term managerial training programs supervised by company management.
An Accent on Quality and Creativity
Our ultimate goal is customer satisfaction. To reach it, we must create innovative, quality products to meet evolving market needs. C.P.I-Academy encourages an innovative environment, one that embraces change and welcomes new ideas.
Promotion from Within
C.P.I-Academy prefers to promote employees from within the company. Current job openings are listed in our in-house magazine distributed to everyone in the company. Employees are strongly encouraged to be sure and check the monthly listings and, if interested.
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