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Security in all fields of shipping

C.P.I supplies security transport services for all kinds of containers and cargoes with a fleet of fast, reliable, state-of-the-art vessels sailing to destinations worldwide. With C.P.I, customers can be assured of safety , personalized, reliable, professional and precise service of the highest standards and at competitive prices, for any kind of cargo delivered to any destination in the world:
C.P.I Provides Security & Protection Services for Shipping companies, Oil Riggs and other maritime and on shore facilities & assets.
Today’s world wide Terror & Crime environment and especially Somali pirates have grown in size and in capabilities. They have a command and control structure, logistics personals, intelligence operatives, and most important – financiers.
In our view there are two main MO`s that can be considered in order to tackle this growing threat of Maritime piracy:
On Board Security Team - A solution based on response teams quartered on the ship.
Technological solutions - A solution based on various technological means.

The choice of the best solution or integration of solutions can only be done after surveying the clients` exact needs, assets and threats.

C.P.I, through its training division, is also capable of providing training for merchant marine crews at any given level and / or related services to recognize and avoid potential threat and the ability to respond to incidents in any of a number of hostile or hazardous environments.

We believe that this increased awareness, supplemented by the necessary skills to deal with a situation, is the key to defeating the majority of incidents likely to be experienced by commercial vessels and bring their vulnerability to the 0% in pirate attacks . . .

C.P.I`s team of experts have the necessary military  experience and  technologies to offer an array of services & solutions which in the case of commercial shippers will assist aid and employ measures of sound safety & zero hijackings…

C.P.Is` personnel are skilled & experienced in conducting various types of operations, and are prepared for unplanned events and unexpected changes.

As veterans of various Special Forces Units & other Security Services, C.P.I`s Security protection teams have strong counter-terrorism qualifications,
knowledge & experience in various covert & overt security missions.

C.P.I is one of a few companies worldwide with actual experience in this field
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