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In order to protect a VIP from certain threats, sometimes ‘heavier’ measures are required. Part of the art of safe and secure driving addresses certain VIP clients which bear the high risk factor. Such VIPs sometimes can’t optimize their and their love one’s security layout just buy keeping and executing the protocol of safe and secure driving. This is due to varies possible reasons:
• Time of exposure – Long time being spent in their cars while going through their routine Environment, a factor which exposes them more to hijackings, car accidents, attempted Ramming in the car for different reasons
• The nature of the environment – which could be an extremely high risk environment (certain countries or neighborhoods which hold a high crime profile).
 The VIP is a high profile individual with relevant intentional or random threats such as:
  • People of great fortune & high profile
  • Politicians
  • Celebrities
  • High level executives in a major company
  • Individuals who have reach relatives that could expose the individual to hijacking
  • for ransom purposes
  • Individuals with clear & present danger
  • Family risk factor – The VIP could be outside the residence with his family                                                                                               for example and have no CP agent or just one over his entire family.
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