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C.P.I Academy, A part of “C.P.I GROUP Ltd” is a premier worldwide provider of Homeland Security, Counter-Terrorism operational and training solutionsC.P.I Academy staffed by veterans of the Israeli Military, Elite Police units and various Intelligence agencies. C.P.I specialists are veterans of the Israeli security forces who have gained priceless knowledge and combat experience during their years in the line of duty.

Military Training

Military training is an issue requiring much research and in-depth knowledge.Military training includes four main components:
A. Physical and Combat training.
B. Tactical knowledge and analysis. C. Weaponry – Knowledge & skills.
D. Command and Control (C2).
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Equipment & Supply

C.P.I provides advanced risk assessments & practical cost effective solutions to even the most complicated security situations.

C.P.I`s Equipment Provision Division Is well connected to manufactures of various kinds of equipment in Israel and around the world & ready to provide you with any piece of equipment available…

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Maritime Protection

C.P.I supplies security transport services for all kinds of containers and cargoes with a fleet of fast, reliable, state-of-the-art vessels sailing to destinations worldwide. With C.P.I, customers can be assured of safety, personalized, reliable, professional and precise service. we have actual experience in this field.

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Executive Protection

C.P.I provides executive protection services to help ensure the security of important executives, especially when they are traveling to unfamiliar countries, orking on projects, or attending events where they may attract unwanted attention The C.P.I executive protection team plans.

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K-9 Dogs

C.P.I offers solutions in the Task dog field on the highest level. Through the years and especially in the last few years the effectiveness of working with dogs in almost every field has been proven. In today’s reality an effective and efficient tool for drugs and explosives detection.
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Krav Maga

It is a proven system of close quarter self defense. Developed in Israel, this system has been tried and tested in many real life situations. Krav Maga is the official close quarter combat of Israel`s Armed Forces,& Security Agencies, as well as various Law enforcement and Military units ….. 

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Armor Cars

Why Armored Vehicles? In order to protect a VIP from certain threats, sometimes ”heavier” measures are required. Part of the art of safe and secure driving addresses certain VIP clients which bear the high risk factor.Such VIPs sometimes can’t optimize their andtheir love one”s security …

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Protective Driving Course

Protective Driving Course Optimizing your security team assets On the road. At a time when acts of terror,kidnappings, random attacks and crime are all too frequent occurrences, one of the most significant lements in optimizing executive protection services ….
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